The 152nd Civil Engineer Squadron - COMMUNITY OUTREACH

The 152nd Civil Engineer Squadron has designed this link to showcase our transparent commitment to the Northern Nevada community. Over the past 20 years the 152 CES has provided skilled services and expertise to a variety of non-profit organizations in the community and we want to continue and improve this relationship far into the future. If you are a non-profit organization that could use our help please review the skills below and email the appropriate specialty. 


The Structures shop is skilled in a variety of tasks including:
-Framing (floors, roof, walls)
-Masonry construction and maintenance
-Install doors and locks (wood and metal)
-Install roll-up/overhead doors
-Welding (oxyacetylene, metal arc, inert gas, plasma, arc)

Pavements & Construction

Airmen are trained to operate the following equipment:
-Dump Truck
-Front-end Loader
-Skid Steers (Bobcat, Kubota)

Electric Power Production

Our Power Production shop is skilled in a variety of tasks including:
-Gasoline Engine Fundamentals
-Engine DC Electrical Systems (replace and troubleshoot)
-Fuel Systems (replace, service, and troubleshoot)
-Engine Cooling Systems (replace, maintain and troubleshoot)
-Engine Governing Systems (adjust and troubleshoot)

Electrical Systems

Our Airmen in the Electrical Systems shop are trained in the following tasks:
-Overhead Distribution Systems (climbing poles, install pole equipment)
-Underground Distribution Systems (install transformers, splice underground cables)
-Grounding Installation (systems, equipment, and bonding)
-Install motor control circuits
-Usage of test equipment (multimeter, ammeter, phase rotation meter, megohm-meter, and high voltage phase tested)



Our Engineering Assistants are trained in the following:
-Computer Aided Design (CAD)
-Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
-Surveying - Topographical, Expedient, and GPS
-Civil Engineering Preliminary Design
-Construction Materials Testing - CBR and DCP


Utility Systems

Our Water/Fuels shop is trained in the following:
-Repair Water Components (piping; interior and exterior)
-Install Wastewater System Components
-Backflow Prevention Measurements
-Water testing
-Replace Valves
-Install Fixtures (Lavatories, Water closets, Urinals, Showers, etc)


HVAC & Refrigeration

Our Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning shop is trained in the following:
-Pipe system fabrication
-Electrical motors
-Burners (adjust fuel/air ratio)
-Refrigeration Systems (locate leaks, recover and recycle refrigerant, charge system, pressure check system, and pump down system)


Emergency Management

Fire Emergency Services