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C-130 at Air Show

Community relations and outreach are two of the top priorities of the Nevada National Guard. Community relations requests include: aviation flyovers and static displays, requests for military speakers, color guard requests and parade participation. (Military funeral honors expenses are not considered community relations or outreach and are funded separately.)



C-130 w/upgraded engines

Air National Guard Requests:
Air National Guard flyover requests are approved by the Secretary of the Air Force; once approved, the Nevada Air Guard may fly the mission, if aircraft are available. Please fill out requests for Air National Guard (or Air Force) flyovers here.

To submit a static display request, fill out a form DD2535 submit through the Secretary of the Air Force - Public Affairs (SAF/PA) page then then send a copy to this email. After that, we will begin searching on the system to volunteer for your flyover. Mission requirements will always come before any flyover or static displays.

Both flyovers and static display requests need to be submitted 90 days in advance of the event.

For questions, please call the 152nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs Office at (775)-788-4515.


Army Helicopter

Army National Guard Requests:
Army Guard flyovers are possible at events with more than 5,000 attendees or at events with a strong tie with Patriotic holidays. Please fill out and forward a DD2535Document is compliant. Select if any issues - DD Form 2535 form "Request for Aerial Support" 90 days in advance of the flyover date. Forward the competed request to this email link.

Army static displays of aircraft may be arranged though the Public Affairs Office. Once again, please fill out and forward a DD Form 2535Document is compliant. Select if any issues - DD Form 2535 Request for Aerial Support 90 days in advance of the display date.

All types of Army Guard requests (both aviation and non-aviation) must be made 90 days in advance of the event. For information on community relations support, call the State Headquarters Public Affairs Office at 775-887-7250.

Honorary Commander Program

The 152nd Airlift Wing's Honorary Commander Program strives to create a lasting relationship between civic leaders and military members. This program is intended to encourage the flow of ideas and information and is an excellent opportunity to further enhance our understanding and appreciation of each other’s unique positions. As part of the program, our Honorary Commanders are invited to attend Air National Guard functions, learn about our mission and purpose and participate in wing functions.

If you are interested in participating in this program at the Nevada Air National Guard, please email us by clicking here and we will get a packet out to you.


Honor Guard Logo


The Nevada Air Guard Base Honor Guard team is comprised of an elite group of Air Force men and women whose primary mission is the rendering of Honors and Colors at military funerals and community military-related events. The Base Honor Guard team is an all-volunteer team and takes pride as a community-orientated team that commits to providing outstanding services while representing the Air Force and Air National Guard as Ceremonial Guardsmen.
The Base Honor Guard is active in all types of community relations such as: patriotic ceremonies and parades, flag presentation, posting and retrieving; and other military-related events.
To request Honor Guard support, please submit a request form here no later than 30 days prior to the event (funerals, see below). Requests are on a first come, first serve basis contingent that requirements are met by requester. We will do our very best to accommodate requests as mission requirements and current manning permits.
Active Duty Air Force Funeral requests must be made to Beale AFB (; you can go to their website for additional information.

Please follow the link below and send the form to this email:

Request form click here: Request

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