152nd Airlift Wing Units

The 152nd Airlift Wing is comprised of four groups: the 152nd Maintenance Group; the 152nd Medical Group; the 152nd Mission Support Group and the 152nd Operations Group. Their missions and information are detailed below.

152nd Operations Group

The mission of the operations group is to respond to worldwide C-130 airlift, airdrop, and reconnaissance missions rapidly, successfully, and safely.

- 192nd Airlift Squadron
- 152nd Operations Support Squadron

152nd Mission Support Group

The members of the 152nd Mission Support Group are dedicated to serving our customers through continuous improvement and team effort. We are committed to maintaining a reliable infrastructure that allows all personnel to focus on mission accomplishment.


- 152nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
   - 152nd Small Air Terminal

- 152nd Force Support Squadron
   - 152nd Mission Support Flight
   - 152nd Services Flight

- 152nd Civil Engineer Squadron

- 152nd Security Forces Squadron

- 152nd Communications Flight

152nd Maintenance Group

To provide unequaled weapons systems, superior maintenance support, and the finest equipment to the 152nd Airlift Wing. 

- 152nd Maintenance Squadron 
- 152nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 
- 152nd Maintenance Operations Flight

152nd Medical Group

The primary mission of the Nevada Air National Guard medical service is to train health care personnel in combat and disaster medicine so they may assume a direct role in joint service medical operations in the event of mobilization during a natural disaster or civil unrest. 

During peacetime the Nevada Air National Guard medical service monitors the physical health of all members of the Nevada Air National Guard by providing physical examinations, immunizations, and a variety of other related health services.