Airlift Wing Photo from 2017


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152nd Airlift Wing Units

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152nd Operations Group

Operations Group Logo

Mission: Provide ready Airmen and combat tactical airlift to Combatant Commanders and world-class Airborne Firefighting to our state and nation.

Vision: A lethal, innovative team of combat-ready warfighters. 

   1. Care for Member and Families
   2. Training and Proficiency
   3. Readiness

- 192nd Airlift Squadron
- 152nd Operations Support Squadron
- 152nd Intelligence Squadron
- 152nd Combat Training Squadron

OPS Group Infographic

232nd Combat Training Squadron

232 Poster


152nd Maintenance Group

Maintainer Logo

Mission: A team of highly motivated, mission-focused maintenance professionals who work together to deliver mission capable aircraft for federal and state missions.

Vision: The premier tactical airlift maintenance organization in the Air National Guard, recognized as the benchmark for fulfilling federal and state missions. 

   1. Take Care of Airmen
   2. Readiness
   3. Force Development

- 152nd Maintenance Squadron 
- 152nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 
- 152nd Maintenance Operations Flight

Maintenance Group Infographic

152nd Medical Group

Medical Group Logo

Mission: Provide trained and ready medical airmen for homeland defense, combat, disaster relief and peacetime medicine in domestic and worldwide operations while maintaining the health and safety of all members of the Nevada Air National Guard.

Vision: The premier MDG/CERFP/Det 1 in the Air National guard serving as the benchmark of readiness and excelling in fulfilling our federal, state and community missions.

   1. Readiness
   2. Care for Members & Families
   3. Diversity
   4. Community
   5. Force Development

Medical Group Infographic

152nd Mission Support Group


Mission: Organize, train, equip and develop Guardsmen to conduct critical support activities that enable successful wartime and domestic missions for Combatant Commanders, the State of Nevada, our Wing and our civic partners.

Vision: Develop and leverage the skill and will of passionate, innovative airmen who embrace support as an invaluable mission enabling necessity.

   1. Meticulous-Detail oriented support with the customer at the forefront
   2. Strong-The power of a diverse team and dynamic leaders
   3. Genuine-In our care for country, state, and each other

- 152nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
   - 152nd Small Air Terminal

- 152nd Force Support Squadron
   - 152nd Mission Support Flight
   - 152nd Services Flight

- 152nd Civil Engineer Squadron

- 152nd Security Forces Squadron

- 152nd Communications Squadron

Mission Support Group Infographic