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  • Aircraft History

    P-51 Mustang 1948-1955 The unit's first Mustangs were assigned in 1948 while the unit was at the Reno Army Air Base. This later became the Stead National Guard Air Base and later Stead Air Force Base. The single seat P-51 was recognized as the world's fastest single engine, propeller driven aircraft and could exceed 400 miles per hour. A liquid
  • Community Involvement

    Over the years the Nevada Air National Guard has cemented its ties to Nevada communities through an aggressive community relations effort. Though many efforts begin and end at the individual unit level, some activities require coordination at a much higher level.Each year, the Nevada Air National Guard is involved in the Employer Support of the
  • General History

    As of a result of the national Security Act of 1947, the Nevada Air National Guard was established on April 12, 1948 at the Reno Army Air Base (later renamed Stead Air Force Base). During 1953 and 1954, when the City of Reno was leasing Hubbard Field (now the site of Reno-Tahoe International Airport) from United Airlines, the Air Guard executed
  • Mission Statements Nevada Air National Guard

    The Nevada Air National Guard has supported our nation and state with readyAirmen since April 1948. We have provided many capabilities over the lastsix decades. Throughout those years, it has been critical for every Airmanto come to work knowing they make a difference and that each Airman'sspecific unit has a mission statement that clearly defines
  • Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS)

    The Nevada Air National Guard’s 152nd Airlift Wing — which flies and maintains C-130 aircraft out of the Nevada Air National Guard Base adjacent the Reno-Tahoe International Airport — became the newest unit to operate the U.S. Forest Service’s Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System equipment in 2016.