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1. It is mandatory policy that all Uniformed Service Members and DoD civilian employees use an available DTMO contracted CTO … for all official transportation requirements.

2. The eligible traveler must contact the responsible Service/Agency/DoD Component designated official if there is not an available DTMO contracted CTO … for the official travel.

3. Payment construction comparisons provided below should in no way be interpreted to suggest that use of other than the DTMO contracted CTO … is authorized or encouraged.

4. The payment options are provided for situations when the CTO … cannot be used.

5. Par. 1035 applies to those who violate policy.

Please see the JTR, para. 1100, para. 2400, para. 3000-B, para. 3045, para. 4130.


A receipt is required to be submitted, to support reimbursement claims for airfare costs. To obtain a valid receipt from the CTO, use this web site. The phone number and email address entered need to be the same as in the DTS authorization.


“Prepaid refueling costs are not authorized. The AO may approve vendor refueling charges only if it is not possible for the traveler to refuel completely prior to returning the vehicle because of safety issues or the location of the closest fueling station.” JTR Table 2.8-4 Rental Vehicle Expenses

The only person who can claim reimbursement for fueling a rental car is the person who rented the car. If another person fuels the car, the renter claims the fuel and reimburses the second person. JTR Table 2.8-14 Rental Vehicle Expenses


When travel is greater than 400 miles (one way) and/or 800 miles (round trip), and you elect NOT to use the directed mode of transportation (predominantly commercial air), a Constructed Travel Worksheet (CTW) is required to be uploaded into the DTS authorization. The CTW can be found in the “Other Auths and Pre-Audits” section of the DTS authorization. When constructing travel, travelers are limited to the policy constructed cost for air transportation – JTR Table 2-11, 4 and JTR 020206 M 2 b. Travelers should first consult the “City Pair” website (https://cpsearch.fas.gsa.gov/cpsearch/search.do) to see if there is a contracted fare between the two points of travel. The “YCA” fare is the amount that should be used. If the “City Pair” website does not offer a fare between the two locations, STOP! DO NOT manufacture travel in the City Pair site. Instead, login to DTS and take screenshots of the cheapest available flights and use them for the cost comparison - JTR 020206 M 2 b When a City Pair Program Fare is not available, the traveler should use the lowest cost coach-class fare that meets mission requirements. Please be sure to upload all supporting documentation into the authorization.

“The AO may approve…”

The JTR is the primary regulation from which you will find support for travel claims. The claim must have positive support, in order to be reimbursed. In other words, the JTR must explicitly authorize payment for said claim. There are also areas where “the AO may approve” reimbursement, with justification, but is not required to. The Finance “DTS final certifier” is the Approving Official. If you are claiming something that isn’t explicitly allowed, but you feel meets the judgment in the JTR that the AO may approve, please include documentation to that effect, such as an MFR, explaining the circumstances. Rental Car Fuel, above, is an example. If you reasonably feel that you will be unable to safely fuel the car prior to returning it and you have the agency add prepaid fuel to the bill, you need to explain the circumstances that brought you to that judgment. The AO cannot read your mind and an auditor, three years down the road, cannot, either. Without explanation, the AO will remove the claim. Contact Finance with questions on this.


Since the email migration, many systems, including AROWS and DTS, need updating with your new @us.af.mil address, in order to continue to receive notifications. Again, traditional guard members are encouraged to use their home email for DTS.