Going the extra mile, Nevada Air National Guardsman receives prestigious award

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Angela Crawford
  • 152nd Airlift Wing

Each year, the National Guard Bureau Director of Acquisitions recognizes the top performers in their career fields by awarding them the National Guard Excellence in Contracting and Agreements Award. The chosen individuals are acknowledged for their outstanding contributions and exceptional efforts.

The Nevada Air National Guard, 152nd Airlift Wing has the honor of being home to one of the Customer Service Award winners, 2nd Lt. Alex Norris of the 152nd Mission Support Group’s Contracting Office.

Norris has been a part of the Nevada Air National Guard for 12 years, with the last six years as the Base Contracting Officer.

“He was submitted because he continues to excel in a very difficult career field,” said Col. Kyle Cerfoglio, 152nd Mission Support Group Commander.  “2nd Lt. Norris has made what used to be a very difficult process into a more streamlined process.”

Over the years, Norris has been involved in many projects that have improved the quality of the NV ANG community, in the last year alone he performed contract specialist duties from pre-solicitation to post-award phase for two major current construction projects on base. 

“Our Contracting processes were highlighted in our 2020 Unit Effectiveness Inspection as a strength to highlight the outstanding work they continue to do,” said Cerfoglio. “Because of this it was a no brainer to nominate him for the award. “I look forward to continue to work with the lieutenant and am excited to see his growth as he moves up in rank,”

The two construction projects that Norris was directly involved with are the repair of the HVAC system in buildings 56 and 130 costing $2 million, and the modernization of the fall protection systems in two hangars estimated at $288,413.

“My favorite part about the job is the construction side of it,” said Norris. “Seeing contractors out there building the new buildings for the base is exciting. It’s definitely a fruits of one’s labor situation, where it’s not always the easiest job, but the end result makes it worth it.”

While all individuals that are chosen for these prestigious awards have to show their highest level of performance to the job, the Customer Service Award is awarded to the people that “go the extra mile.”

“Customer service is pretty elaborate,” said Norris. “I think what makes someone good at customer service is just being open to helping out everybody. You might not always get the answer that you want, but as long as everyone is working as a team we will reach a solution and the mission will continue.

Norris is excited about receiving such a distinguished award and is looking forward to continuing to work towards accomplishing the mission.