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Mission Statements Nevada Air National Guard

The Nevada Air National Guard has supported our nation and state with ready
Airmen since April 1948. We have provided many capabilities over the last
six decades. Throughout those years, it has been critical for every Airman
to come to work knowing they make a difference and that each Airman's
specific unit has a mission statement that clearly defines how they make a

The following includes the Nevada Air Guard's mission statement along with
the mission statements of the three major organizations that report to the
Air Guard state headquarters.

Within the units, each particular section has a mission statement that
supports the overall organization.

All Nevada Airmen and Soldiers have the same state mission: To maintain a
vital presence of citizen-Airmen and -Soldiers to protect, support and
strengthen Nevada communities, trained and ready to respond to the orders of
the adjutant general and governor of the state of Nevada.

Each unit has a specified federal mission that reflects a high level of

Nevada Air Guard: To provide world class tactical air delivery,
intelligence, remote piloted aircraft and advanced war fighters for national
and state objectives.

152nd Airlift Wing: To provide world class, worldwide tactical air delivery and
Expeditionary Combat Support."

152nd Intelligence Squadron: To train, organize, equip and present assigned
forces and capabilities to conduct intelligence, surveillance and
reconnaissance for combatant commanders and the nation.

232nd Operations Squadron: To train Guardsmen to support the U.S. Air Force
training, tactics development and testing when activated voluntarily or by
presidential authorization and to develop Guard leadership skills through
training with active duty personnel.