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General History

As of a result of the national Security Act of 1947, the Nevada Air National Guard was established on April 12, 1948 at the Reno Army Air Base (later renamed Stead Air Force Base). During 1953 and 1954, when the City of Reno was leasing Hubbard Field (now the site of Reno-Tahoe International Airport) from United Airlines, the Air Guard executed various leases and agreements with the city and United Airlines. The Air Guard agreed to spend $1 million for a 25-year lease on 29 acres of land for joint use of the airfield. These original agreements were supplemented in 1955 and 1956 extending the lease to the year 2054 and added 35 acres of land.

Over the next 50 years the unit's mission has changed from a fighter squadron to a bomber squadron, to a reconnaissance unit to the present mission of an air mobility wing. Missions changes usually mean aircraft changes and the unit has seem many changes in the types of aircraft assigned. From the propeller driven P-51 Mustang to the current four-turbo prop C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, the 1,100 High Rollers of the Nevada Air Guard have performed with dedication and professionalism.

The 152nd Intelligence Squadron mobilized November 6, 2001, and deployed to various locations throughout the world. The squadron's airmen analyzed and exploited imagery from U-2s and unmanned aerial vehicles over Afghanistan and other southwest Asia areas and also performed targeting missions. In Sept. 2002, the unit was retained for another year of activation.

The 152nd Security Forces Squadron was mobilized Oct. 16, 2001. Squads deployed separately to perform force protection, law enforcement and installation security missions in Afghanistan, Qatar, Tajikistan and throughout the continental United States. The squadron was retained in September 2002 for another year of activation.

Sixty-two Guard members were brought to active duty for several weeks to provide 24-hour security for state military and civilian personnel and resources. In October, the adjutant general, in conjunction with the governor, reduced the scope of the security, though several dozen extra security soldiers and airmen remain on active duty at the Clark County Armory, Washoe County Armory, Yerington Armory and the Jacobsen Building in Carson City.

Also in October 2001, the governor and the adjutant general brought 115 soldiers and airmen to active duty to assist with security at Elko Regional Airport, McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, and the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Guard members around the nation were doing the same in their own states. The troops remained in place until April 2002.