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NOTAM: strategic planning; Women’s History Month; vaccinations

BIO Photo Hammons

Col. Jacob Hammons BIO Photo


High Rollers,

Last week, Wing leadership held the second annual Wing Strategic Offsite.  Squadron, Group and Wing enlisted and officer senior leaders gathered for this two-day event with the purpose of aligning activities to our strategic priorities and continuing to focus on improving the High Roller Culture.  The theme for this year’s event was “Simplicity and Inspiration”.  How could we make our strategic plan simpler to articulate across the Wing and inspire our Airmen to reach their full potential?

Day One included guest speakers from across the NVNG to address status and challenges to the state Strategic Priorities, a classified deep-dive on our OPLAN taskings and deployment processes, as well as a seminar on Multi-Capable Airmen.  I have approved our Wing ACE CONOPS, with Mission Support Group as the supported command. They are launching their tiered training approach culminating in a Multi-Capable Airmen experimentation event during Exercise RESOLUTE HUNTER at Fallon NAS this year. 

Day 2 of the offsite focused on our Strategic Plan priorities, goals and metrics and an open discussion on having tough conversations with our Airmen.  Readiness and Lethality are more important now than ever as we regain readiness following the pandemic and prepare for our primary domestic and federal missions.  Mission readiness starts with empowered Airmen. We also reviewed the results of the surveys that were sent out earlier this year.  We had hundreds of responses and nearly 1,000 comments that I personally reviewed and we discussed as a leadership team.  While we are doing well in some areas of the Wing, it is clear there is still room for improvement.  We must work harder as leaders to build trust among our ranks, communicate more effectively, be more transparent in our processes, and cultivate a more inclusive culture.  After spending time on this feedback, we agreed on an action plan to ensure we are working at having tough conversations and being more direct and honest with you.  This will ensure we hold each other accountable and affect real change around the topics you care about.

March – Women’s History Month.  In March, we highlight the special contributions women have made in our society and Armed Services.  COL Klima is the Executive Champion for this special observance and put together a great plan to celebrate this month.  The national theme for this year is “Valiant Women of the Vote Refusing to be Silent” and you will be seeing social media stories, videos and articles on this topic.

We continue to excel in our mission sets, specifically our support of the Inauguration and Operation Capitol Response.  Our Comm Flight warriors deployed the Joint Incident Site Communications Capability (JISCC) and our Operations Group flew 64 sorties and transported 65.7 tons and 428 personnel on short notice.  We have multiple Airmen deployed downrange in support of various named Operations, please keep them in your thoughts.

Lastly, I ask for your support in our COVID-19 vaccination efforts.  This is purely voluntary, but we have ample doses of vaccine available and not enough volunteers.  If you have not been vaccinated and would like to be, reach out to your supervisors.  If you are still wary of the vaccine, please speak to your supervisor and they can get you in contact with our medical specialists who can explain in detail the vaccine’s efficacy, potential side-effects and safety protocols.  The more members we have vaccinated, the more we can open up the base.

Thank you for all you do each and every day!

Livin’ High, Flyin’ Low,

Roller 1