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NOTAM: Team 22 OUT

Col. Hammons and Chief Ash 1 Year in Command Anniversary Photo

Col. Hammons and Chief Ash 1 Year in Command Anniversary Photo


High Rollers,

On behalf of Team 22, I want to thank the men and women of the 152nd Airlift Wing for an incredible two years!  You have made this experience memorable and satisfying in so many ways, but most of all, it was the highlight of my career to serve as your commander.  A command team is made up of the Wing Command Spouse and family, the Vice Commander, the Command Chief and the Honorary Commander. Each part of that team is required to effectively command a Wing. Thank you to Sydney-Ann and congratulations on a successful command tour – she never stopped fighting for your families and was always working through the obstacles of the past two years to creatively empower Airmen and their families. I love my family and will always make decisions in their best interest. Thanks to Col. Dave Manson, Chief Angela Ash and Mr. Bob Davidson – I am incredibly proud of what we accomplished together.  We started and finished with the same command team, which speaks volumes to our unity and adaptability through adversity.

In many ways, it was both a short and long two years. Short as measured by the clock, but long because of what seemed to be constant unforeseen challenges in the form of a pandemic, travel restrictions, concerns for our Airmen, civil unrest, wildfires and political instabilities. I can’t begin to express how proud I am of what we have accomplished as a Wing over the past two years despite these challenges. Recovering our readiness focus, a successful UEI, a record-setting MAFFS season, a campaign of connectedness, revitalized force development initiatives and councils – there were many “high-vis” successes that we celebrated together. Yet, as I depart the fix, those are not the memories I most closely associate with the High Rollers. Rather, it is the appreciation of the people who make this base run on a daily basis and the poignant interactions I have enjoyed over the last 19 months. The longer I did this job, the more I came to revere those critical functions and the unsung heroes that selflessly perform them, for without them, the base would come to a screeching halt.

At the peril of excluding anyone, I wanted to publicly acknowledge those shops that rarely get recognized: Communications Focal Point, our Defenders protecting the base, CE “Prime Beef” and our grounds maintenance team, Logistics Supply, Vehicle Maintenance, Pass and ID, Public Health, NDI, AMMO, Sheet metal, the Port Dawgs and the Loadmasters.  

Lastly, as a Lieutenant in a Fighter Squadron, my commander publicly announced that no Squadron can effectively function without a strong Lieutenant Protection Agency (“LPA”) as well as the “Captain’s Mafia.”  PUGS, sir, I’m paying it forward – Lieutenants are the heart of the Squadron and our LPA is strong – the popcorn is on point and the CRUD skills are improving!

It is bittersweet that this is my final address, but the Wing is in great shape and more than capable hands with Col. Ford.  My last order as your Commander is this: Don’t stop.  Finish the work we started.  I am proud of each one of you, thank you for all you do each and every day.  Our country is safer because of the men and women of the High Rollers.  FIGHT’S ON!

Livin’ High, Flyin’ Low,
Roller 1