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September is Suicide Prevention Month

  • Published
  • By Col. Jacob Hammons
  • 152nd Airlift Wing

High Rollers,

As we close out FY20, please take time out of your busy schedules to remember that September is national Suicide Prevention month.  We have made Airmen resilience a cornerstone of our Wing efforts and will continue to do so in FY21 – along with Readiness and Innovation, Resilience is one of our big rocks that I am focused on because of the emotional toll of COVID-19 and continued social unrest.

Over this month and during drill we have many exciting and supportive services offered.  Please read below and participate as able, we want to ensure all Airmen know that you are cared for and have a voice!

  1. National Suicide Prevention Month Information Fair: Our Wing Director of Psychological Health, Alison Pratte, will be hosting a suicide prevention awareness booth on the parade lawn Saturday 1000-1400.  There will be snacks and refreshments along with resources and a chance to socialize in a physically distanced manner.
  2. 2-Minute Tactical Pause: Last month’s NOTAM introduced the 2-minute tactical pause.  Commanders and Supervisors at all levels will continue conducting the 2-minute tactical pauses during meetings and rolls calls to increase connectedness and encourage constructive dialogue among Airmen.
  3. Wing Resilience Team: Our Wing Resilience Team comprised of Mr. Barton, Ms. Pratte, Chaplains Crandell and Gilliam, Maj. Young and Master Sgt. Leggett will be out and about over drill engaging with Airmen and teaching supportive connectedness tips and techniques.
  4. CC Talking Points: Commanders will be briefing the SAPR Commander Talking Points to ensure completion of this mandatory and important information regarding suicide prevention and sexual assault/harassment.
  5. EO/IG Focus Groups: Starting post-drill with the full-time workforce and extending through October and November drill.  The State and Wing EO and State IG team will be conducting Focus Groups.  The purpose of these focus groups is for the Wing Command Team to understand what unit climate changes have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing social unrest.  It also allows Airmen an alternative forum to voice opinions on how the Wing is doing with respect to equity and inclusion, group cohesion and trust in leadership.  Our last DEOCS and IG Sensing sessions concluded in 2019, and so much has happened and changed since then that I feel it is really important to hear from you and understand what the impact has been to our unit climate.  I understand that survey fatigue may be setting in, but these focus groups are designed with you in mind, and the questions are posed to illicit meaningful conversations, so please participate.  Details are forthcoming and you will be notified when your small group is meeting.

Lastly, as always, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your amazing efforts on COVID and MAFFS activation.  Chief Ash and I could not be prouder of the incredible dedication and passion you have brought to these demanding times.  It is only through your job knowledge and care for each other that we have been so successful in our primary domestic missions.  Well done, have a great drill and look forward to seein’ you around campus.

Livin’ High, Flyin’ Low,

Roller 1