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NOTAM: 2021 Flight Plan

  • Published
  • By Col. Jacob Hammons
  • 152nd Airlift Wing

First, CONGRATULATIONS on a huge victory during the UEI CAPTSONE!  We earned an EFFECTIVE overall with an EFFECTIVE in each of the 4 major graded areas: Executing the Mission, Leading People, Improving the Unit, and Managing Resources. This is an impressive score for our unit and one that each of you should be proud of having a hand in achieving.  The inspection team was especially impressed by the command climate of the Wing, our embrace of the Strategic Plan, and the attitude of our Airmen.
It was a busy year in preparation for the CAPSTONE event, especially with COVID impacts, but I was humbled by your dedication and steady progress in making the unit better and getting us ready for our wartime tasking.  CONGRATULATIONS to all and especially our Outstanding Performers who are listed at the end of this article.

The UEI sets the stage for 2021 – the year of violent execution.  Now is the time to capitalize on our gains and truly take the Wing to the next level.  We will continue to be relentless in our pursuit of excellence, and hold ourselves to the extremely high standard of the High Rollers.  What follows is my flight plan for 2021, which focuses on our primary mission execution.

We begin the year with two important events: State of the State and our Wing Strategic Offsite.  Both occur in February.  State of the State is our annual trip to NGB to brief leadership on our progress along with strategic initiatives and facilitate collaboration in areas where we still need assistance.  Our Wing Strategic Offsite is scheduled for 23-24 Feb.  The two-day event includes members from the squadron, group and wing officer and enlisted leadership and is our annual review of the Strategic Plan.

We are soliciting inputs from all Wing Airmen with a short SurveyMonkey that you should see in your email.  This is your chance to give us feedback on how we are doing in meeting the objectives laid out in the Strategic Plan.  Once complete, we will inform you of changes to our Strategic Plan.

Simultaneously, we are also preparing for our AEF cycle.  There are several key milestones that need to be met to ensure we are prepared to provide combat tactical airlift to the Combatant Commander.  We pay close attention to these milestones – details are at a higher level, but please speak with your leadership so that you are tracking.

Next, we will enter our spin-up for our annual MAFFS season.  This will consist of our Spring Training with other MAFFS units and then our vulnerability period in the summer.  As you know, last year was very busy for us in this challenging mission. I expect this year to be the same.  

The end of the MAFFS season will leave us a small window to spin-up our crews for the AEF deployment. The end of the year will be very busy.

All of this activity is set against the backdrop of COVID.  Vaccinations will be a huge push for the state. I expect the Nevada National Guard will play an integral role in helping our community with that effort.  I can’t predict when we might return to a normal battle rhythm, but vaccinations will play a huge role.

Lastly, continue to watch out for each other, value your family, friends and loved ones and lend a helping hand if you see someone in need.  If there’s one thing we’ve shown during the last year, it was the High Rollers’ immense capacity for good.

Capt. Joshua P. Rogers -- 192nd Airlift Squadron
Master Sgt. J. Hall -- 152nd Security Forces Squadron
Master Sgt. Christa L. Morter -- 152nd Airlift Wing
Master Sgt. Kristofer J. Salvadia -- 152nd Maintenance Squadron
Staff Sgt. Sara H. Tucker -- 152nd Medical Group

Capt. Lewis E. Roberts -- 152nd Operations Support Squadron
Senior Master Sgt. Rommie G. Brown -- 152nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
Master Sgt. Jose D. Escobar Jr. -- 152nd Airlift Wing
Master Sgt. Rita E. Middleton -- 152nd Airlift Squadron
Master Sgt. Martin A. Rodriguez -- 152nd Maintenance Squadron
Master Sgt. Emory E. Simons III -- 152nd Civil Engineer Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Janalee K. Morris -- 152nd Medical Group
Tech. Sgt. Steven R. Wolfgang -- 152nd Security Forces Squadron
Staff Sgt. Mychel L. Christian -- 152nd Operations Support Squadron
Senior Airman Theo Chason -- 152nd Security Forces Squadron
Senior Airman Shemar L. Wiggins -- 152nd Maintenance Squadron
Ms. Michelle J. Dieters -- 152nd Airlift Wing

Aircrew Flight Equipment Shop -- 152nd Operations Support Squadron
Command Post -- 152nd Airlift Wing
Infection Prevention and Control -- 152nd Medical Group
Intel Flight -- 152nd Operations Support Squadron
JA Legal Office -- 152nd Airlift Wing
Maintenance QA -- 152nd Maintenance Squadron
Military Personnel Flight -- 152nd Mission Support Group
Public Health Team -- 152nd Medical Group
S5 Plans and Programs -- 152nd Security Forces Squadron
S3 Training -- 152nd Security Forces Squadron