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  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Paula Macomber
  • 152nd Airlift Wing

The 152nd Airlift Wing Safety Office hosted a 3-day National Guard Bureau Funded “Competent Person Fall Protection” Course at the Nevada Air National Guard Base the week of April 18-24, 2021.

The civilian contractor instructor, Dawn Colombi, was contracted by NGB Safety. The 3-day course coverd a comprehensive look at Fall Protection in the workplace. Twenty slots were filled from across the Air National Guard. Reno filled 10 of the positions. Once complete, the Airmen will be qualified as a Competent Person. This is defined in AFI91-203 as: “Competent Person, means a person who can identify hazardous or dangerous conditions in personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) or any component thereof, and their applications and uses with related fall protection equipment. 

To cover variations in the definitions of a competent person in the field of safety at heights, the person in this important role should meet these minimum qualifications:
     - Be able to identify existing or predictable hazardous or dangerous conditions related to the workplace, work processes and the safety at heights program.
     - Be able to establish controls on identified existing or predictable fall hazards. 
     - Understand how to select, inspect, use, store and maintain personal equipment for fall protection.
     - Be able to identify existing or predictable hazardous or dangerous conditions in a personal fall arrest system, and any component thereof.
     - Have the authority of take prompt corrective measures to control existing or predictable fall hazards and unsafe fall protection equipment conditions.
     - Be able to train workers at risk of falling from heights in accordance with instructions, standards and regulation.
     - Apply a working knowledge of applicable instructions, standards and regulations.

“After the Unit Compliance Inspection, some deficiencies were identified,” the Chief of Safety, Lt. Col. Todd Hudson said, “I thought it was important to get our members training in this area. This training will launch us forward in the Wing’s compliance of AFI91-203 and OSHA Fall Protection requirements.”