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A message from The Adjutant General

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  • By Brig. Gen. William Burks
  • NVMD The Adjutant General
We sure look good for 376!

On the 13th of December each year, we celebrate the creation of one of America's most enduring institutions - our National Guard. Born when our nascent nation was simply a collection of communities, the Guard's history is traced to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636 where the first militia companies were organized as a defense force. In Nevada our Guard, too, predates our statehood. The unique tradition of neighbors helping neighbors continues today as our Battle Born Soldiers and Airmen are currently deployed defending our nation, our allies and our way of life.

In World War II, National Guard units were some of the first to the fight. More than 20,000 served in Vietnam and more than 75,000 answered the call in support of Operation Desert Storm. Today, around the globe the Guard has never been more central to our nation's defense or in support of our governors here at home.

For nearly four centuries, members of the militia and the National Guard have served our nation with honor and tremendous pride. Today's generation is no different. I thank each of you, your families and your civilian employers for upholding our traditions. I wish a happy birthday to us and all that we stand for. Now let's go have some cake.


William R. Burks
Brigadier General, NVMD
The Adjutant General