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A letter is making the rounds purporting to be from DFAS asking military member's fiancées to register in "our system" entitling them to benefits in the event of the member's death. All for only a $350 fee. Bottom line, save your money. It's not true, it's not a DFAS letter, it's a scam. Please let your fellow Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and families know the score. The letter is a typical scam phishers use to try and obtain your personal information and, in this case, money.

DFAS policy: we will not send you unsolicited email messages with attachments (especially as poorly written as this!) or letters asking you to send money to pay for some benefit that sounds too good to be true.
Customers who receive messages they believe to be attempts to get their personal information should take precautions against criminals wishing to gain access to their computers or those hoping to fool them into providing valuable personal information. Read our agency email policy that has been developed to protect customer privacy.

Please see the DFAS link below for more information.