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Guard officials release strategic plan

  • Published
  • By Sgt. Mike Getten
  • Joint Force Headquarters
Nevada Guard officials released the organization's strategic plan recently outlining the priorities and goals of the Nevada Guard for the next four years.

Officials said the overarching mission of the Nevada Guard will remain the provision of ready organizations and individuals to perform federal and state missions both globally and domestically.

"This plan cannot be accomplished without the active participation of every Soldier and Airman," said Nevada Adjutant General Brig. Gen. Bill Burks. "I fully expect commanders and leaders at all levels to read and apply this plan to all aspects of mission execution."

The top priorities outlined in the plan included: readiness, family and member care, diversity and community support.

Family support remains a top priority in the plan and dependants will be considered in conjunction with every Nevada Guard endeavor.

The Nevada Guard's Yellow Ribbon Program will remain highly visible and continue to be prioritized. The Yellow Ribbon Program will continue to include dependents at every event.

"We will continue to prioritize family support so deployed service members can maintain their mission focus," Burks said.

Diversity will also be highly prioritized, the plan said.

Participation in community events remains voluntary, but it is encouraged for every Guard member. Strengthening and maintaining positive relationships with Nevada hometowns and employers was emphasized in the report.

While the plan outlined the Nevada Guard's vision and priorities, it did not provide economic, demographic or fiscal details on how the organization's goals would be accomplished.