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Reno High Rollers Rolling Home

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Jason Yuhasz
  • 152AW/PA
The largest-ever contingent of deployers from the 152nd Airlift Wing returned home earlier this year.  Several flights containing the more than 100 deployers have already returned. Comprised mostly of aircrew and maintenance personnel, the deployers are finishing a 3-month deployment to Afghanistan.
This deployment, three months in length, is not the longest deployment for the 152nd Airlift Wing. It does, however, represent the largest deployment in Nevada Air Guard history.
Over the course of the past week, several chalks of deployers returned again to Reno. Anxiously awaiting their return were friends and family members. Seeing the happy, and sometimes tearful, reunions, one wonders just who was more anxious- those who deployed, or those who remained behind.
Those who have returned now will enter into a process of reintegration. Regardless if someone spends three, or eighteen, months on a deployment, a process is in place to ensure a successful transition back to stateside life. After the happy reunion on the flightline, the deployers were briefed on the reintegration process. The process will include "Yellow Ribbon" events to help all those who deployed readjust to life at home again.
While this hundred-plus-airman contingent is back in the great state of Nevada, the mission goes on. Reno High Rollers are still on-time, on-target, and on-mission in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.