This page is designated for members of the Nevada Air National Guard and their families. It features links to available resources.

Our members and their families will be considered in our every endeavor. As stated by The Adjutant General, “This system must function! We must provide family support so deployed service members can maintain mission focus. Staying focused saves lives.”

The Nevada Air National Guard recognizes that our members are our greatest asset. Additionally, we understand that the service to our state and nation demands a great deal of time from our members. These demands dramatically increase during deployments and can place additional requirements and stress on the members and their families. We must ensure that our members have support before, during and after each deployment. Additionally utilizing the wingman concept will enhance our airmen’s resiliency.

Meet Service Members/Families’ Needs – Engaged members and their families through key volunteer programs and the member’s families themselves.

Care For Members – Relentlessly provide feedback, development and mentorship to our members in order to develop world-class leadership and talent.


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Pilot & Navigator Positions

Become a High Roller in the Nevada Air Guard!

The 152nd Airlift Wing is home of the world renowned High Rollers, a premier tactical airlift wing that offers the most breathtaking C-130 flying in the lower 48. In the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, central to Northern Nevada and Northern California, Reno offers a myriad of adventures. Outdoor family activities are on the doorstep of town: Lake Tahoe, 18 ski resorts, hundreds of mountain biking and hiking trails, countless lakes, perfect for fishing and boating, and the Truckee River flowing through downtown Reno.

Reno embodies the spirit of Nevada and the Old West, minutes away from Virginia City and the State Capitol, Carson City. The unique nightlife differs from anything you can find in the state with a wide range of emerging restaurants, craft breweries, collegiate and AAA sporting events.

There's no shortage of annual events in the area: Reno Air Races, Reno Rodeo, Reno Tahoe Open, Balloon Races, Hot August Nights, Street Vibrations and the world famous Rib Cook-off. There are countless year round recreational/competitive events in the area; cycling, running, skiing and triathlons to name a few. Northern Nevada is home to world class hunting, fishing and golfing, all within easy driving of town. All of these making Reno an ideal place to raise a family. Please email to find out how to become aircrew on the Hercules today.

Pilot Boards are usually held in the spring and fall with applications due 30 days prior. Please email the following individuals based on your career path for more information.

Navigator applicants are encouraged to submit an application anytime.

Pilot and navigator positions: usaf.nv.152-og.list.officer-hiring@mail.mil 

Engineer positions: craig.a.wells6.mil@mail.mil

Loadmaster positions: cory.a.hallock.mil@mail.mil

Information and application packet:

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